Trial consulting for small and solo law firms



Trial Consulting For Solo Practitioners and Small law firms

The Winning Litigator® offers a full range of Trial Consulting and Litigation Support Services for Solo Practitioners and Small Law Firms. And, because we understand the unique demands of your practice, we have solutions to fit your resources and budget. Trust us to help you achieve better case outcomes for you and your clients.

  • Trial consulting

    With more than 25 years of experience litigating and winning trials, we’ll help you make excellent strategic decisions, maximizing your opportunities for better settlements and verdicts. Our winning and cost-effective strategies save you valuable time and resources. Learn More

  • trial graphics and powerpoint

    We can assist you and your trial team in conceptualizing and producing key, dynamic, trial graphics to to package information you need to persuade jurors, judges and mediators. Learn More

  • witness preparation

    Some witnesses are more difficult than others.We can assist you in preparing even the most difficult and challenging of witnesses. Contact us to ensure you get the most you can from the witness to support your theory of the case. Learn More

  • Attorney Training

    We’ve trained thousands of attorneys across the country. We’ll come to your office or conference to train your litigators too. Our training is engaging and informative. Best of all, your attorneys will leave the training instantly able to up gain an edge in litigation. Learn More

  • jury focus groups and mock trials

    We understand how juries think. We’ll help you learn how best to select and connect with your jury. With the use of critical tools like Jury Focus Groups, Mock Trials, and Online Attitude Surveys, you’ll learn about juror beliefs and biases, and the likelihood of juror commitment to your case. Learn More

  • Early Jury Surveys

    An Early Jury Survey is an excellent and cost-effective choice when you want to gauge a jury’s likely reaction to your case pre-discovery. Gain valuable insights as you determine how to move forward to your best verdict or settlement. Learn More

  • jury selection

    Don’t just hope for a good jury! We’ll work with you in creating voir dire and questionnaires designed to uncover juror attitudes and biases detrimental to your case. We assist litigators in selecting juries, and in doing fast-track jury research. Learn More

  • one-on-one attorney coaching

    From reviewing your Opening Statement and Closing Argument, to helping you sharpen your trial skills and litigation focus, we’re there when you need that extra level of support. Get started on fine tuning your lawyering skills. Learn More

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