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The Winning Litigator® will provide In-House Litigation Training to your attorneys and staff. We will come directly to your firm with training customized to your needs, budget and time frame. In-House Training can be delivered in shorter sessions of a few hours, or in sessions lasting a day, a weekend, or longer–depending on the needs of your firm.

In-House Litigation Training is designed to enrich and enhance existing basic training, allowing litigators in your firm to become more time efficient and proficient in the courtroom.

Some examples of popular In-House Litigation Training include:
  • The Winning Deposition;
  • Secrets of Witness Preparation that Almost No Attorneys Know;
  • The Courtroom Theater;
  • Getting Into the Minds of Jurors;
  • Power Openings and Closings;
  • Persuasion Strategies for Every Litigator and Negotiator;
  • Commanding Visual Strategies that Get Judges, Juries and Mediators to “Yes”; and
  • New Associate/Summer Associate Training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a variety of custom In-House Litigation Training, for any size group — from a few attorneys to entire litigation departments. The length and content of training is customized and depends on the needs of the firm. All litigation training is designed to help litigators upgrade their litigation, mediation, trial preparation and trial presentation skills to become more effective courtroom advocates.
That depends on the needs of the law firm and the needs of their attorneys and staff. We can provide training for a half-day, a day, a week, or periodically over a longer period of time.
Experienced litigators are some of the best candidates for an In-House workshop. They have the opportunity to raise their skills by fine-tuning their courtroom practices and discovering new ways of working smarter and more efficiently at trial.
People who attend our presentations say they enjoy the substance, our sense of humor, and the slightly irreverent way we approach the material. Our presentations are not stuffy, and we create opportunities for and welcome audience interaction. You’ll find our workshops in-house to be informative, fun, and energizing for your litigation practice.
Anyone can learn how to be a more effective courtroom advocate. In-House Training focuses on improving personal presentation skills, mastering courtroom techniques, improving trial strategy, streamlining the pretrial work process, creating a compelling narrative for opening statements, or delivering a strong closing argument. We’ve provided training with attorneys at all levels, from new associates to senior partners, with excellent results.
Often we do, yes. We enjoy using visual presentations that are engaging, dynamic, and humorous when appropriate. When used the right way, PowerPoint helps our audiences remember what we are presenting. We also use a fantastic presentation tool, called “Prezi.”
Definitely. The methods we use are designed to streamline the trial process, to make the presentation of evidence and arguments more effective and less of a burden on the firm’s time and resources.
We’re comfortable leading In-House Litigation Training classroom-style, or around a conference table. It’s important that the training be interactive, entertaining, and informative. We focus on how our actions as litigators are received by the audience at trial — meaning the judge and jury.

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