Plaintiff claimed that the presence of carbon in the client’s aluminum capacitors was proof of patent violation. In order to prove that claim, a slice would have to be taken from the capacitor for examination. A by-product of the slicing process is carbon, making the tests inconclusive.


In order to establish credibility without being verbose, we visually referenced the source of the highlighted quote.


To help prove patent infringement, we combined the client’s patent along-side an exploded view of the infringing product. We placed verbiage from the client’s patent to identify components of the product.


This was part of a Markman hearing and explains the nomenclature of genetic breeding.


By calling out key elements within the patent we can contain the discussion around pertinent details of the case.


A PowerPoint build unveiling strategic point after strategic point extracted from two documents.


Call out exhibit highlighting ADA requirements for physical and mental abilities

This illustration uses callouts to indicate essential responsibilities of the plaintiff’s job.


This was part of a Markman hearing describing various advances in endovenous techniques.