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Litigation is communication — preparing to tell a compelling and convincing story to your audience. The way you structure your language, your appearance, your tone of voice, your effective use of evidence and your general sense of confidence in yourself, all help build your credibility for the jury. In a Litigation Bets Practices Workshop or Seminar, you learn to perfect these skills hands-on, practicing and learning from experts while you enhance your own abilities as a litigator.

All Workshops and Seminars take place at conveniently located conference center hotels, where attorneys gather for a half-day, full-day, or weekend, to re-invigorate their skills, re-energize their practices, and challenge themselves to become the best litigators they can be.

Some examples of popular Litigation Seminars and Workshops include:
  • The Winning Deposition;
  • Secrets of Witness Preparation that Almost No Attorneys Know;
  • The Courtroom Theater;
  • Getting Into the Minds of Jurors;
  • Power Openings and Closings;
  • Persuasion Strategies for Every Litigator and Negotiator;
  • Commanding Visual Strategies that Get Judges, Juries and Mediators to “Yes”; and
  • New Associate/Summer Associate Training.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As we use the term, a Litigation Best Practices “Seminar” is a training session at a conference location, where the nature of the instruction is largely, though not entirely, like classroom training. A “Workshop” is more free-form and involves much more direct hands-on participation by attorneys. Some training sessions lend themselves better to a classroom Seminar format while others are more effective as Workshops. All training is designed to upgrade your attorney skills and litigation practice.
Any attorneys who want to upgrade their litigation skills and become better and more effective courtroom advocates. We’ve conducted training with attorneys at all levels, from new associates to senior partners.
Some typical Seminars or Workshops might be:

  • 25 Things You Can Do Right Now to Increase Your Chances of Winning a Trial;
  • Advanced Deposition Training;
  • Preparing the Difficult Witness;
  • Maximizing the Use of Trial Presentation Software;
  • The Use of Jury Focus Groups;
  • Advanced Trial Preparation – Working Backwards From a Great Verdict;
  • Trial Preparation Nuts and Bolts for Associates;
  • Summer Associate Training;
  • Refining Your Courtroom Presentation Skills; and
  • Using the Courtroom as a Theater.

As you can see, there are a large variety of Seminars and Workshops available.

Definitely. One of the most important things to learn as a trial litigator is how to “work smart” when preparing for trial. The methods we use are designed to streamline the trial process, and make the presentation of evidence and arguments more effective, and less of a burden on you and your firm’s time and resources. These practice enhancements are at the core of every Seminar or Workshop.
You can find information about upcoming seminars and workshops here, on The Winning Litigator website. You can sign up as well for our email newsletter subscription so that you can be apprised of upcoming seminars and workshops.
Our courses have already been approved for credit by many state bar associations. If you are interest in receiving credit, and the course has not already received approval, we will work with your local state bar association by submitting any materials necessary to help you receive CLE credit.
Typically a Litigation Best Practices Seminar or Workshop lasts for a half- or full-day. We can also provide intensive workshops over a weekend, or at periodic intervals for a longer period of time, as needed.
We lead Seminars and Workshops in a variety of settings. It’s important that the training be interactive, entertaining, and informative. There is often a theatrical element in our training. We focus on how our actions as litigators are received by the audience at trial — meaning the judge and jury.
Experienced litigation attorneys are some of the best candidates for a Seminar or Workshop. They have the opportunity to raise their skills by fine-tuning their courtroom practices and discovering new ways of working smarter and more efficiently at trial.
Absolutely. If a local Bar Association or attorney group asks to underwrite a seminar or workshop for their members, we can easily present the material. Just contact us for more details.
Yes, you can register and pay for any Litigation Seminar and Workshop online, using a link from our site.

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