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One of the most exciting additions to any litigation practice is trial preparation and presentation technology. This technology allows you to cut your trial preparation time in half, and easily manage your trial presentation to deliver the evidence to the judge and jury in the most compelling fashion.

More and more, jurors expect to see evidence presented using this technology. They are often critical of attorneys who don’t use it.

Despite its obvious benefits, most attorneys still do not use trial technology to prepare their cases or present them in court, for a variety of reasons. They are often intimidated by the technology itself, or its cost.

But, there’s no reason to fear either. All attorneys — even solo practitioners — can acquire this technology and integrate it into their practice, and learn how to leverage its power at trial.

Let The Winning Litigator show you how to maximize your chances for a great verdict through the use of trial preparation and presentation technology. Here is just some of what we can do for you:

  • Consult with you to make acquisitions of equipment for trial technology
  • Completely train you and your team on the use of the technology
  • Work with you and your team to integrate trial preparation technology based on the specific structure, needs and budge of your practice
  • Consult with you on leveraging the technology for specific cases
  • Help you prepare for trial, by refining your trial presentation
  • Work with you and your team to maximize your use of the technology at trial
  • Attend your trial and provide ongoing support for you, or feedback on the use of trial technology
  • Work with you to prepare presentations for mediation or arbitration using the trial technology

We will show you trial technology presentation secrets that have resulted in millions of dollars in jury verdicts for clients. You’ll be amazed once you understand how to leverage this powerful litigation tool.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation about trial technology, at no charge, get in touch with us and we’ll set up a time to talk.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Trial technology gives you enormous flexibility in how you present and argue cases. You can access document information rapidly, and annotate documents on the screen for the judge and jury easily. Trial technology also lets you prepare aspects of your case, such as depositions, so that you can present testimony in a compelling way.
Absolutely. We can assist you in finding a technology solution to suit your particular situation. Trial presentation software is so versatile, it can be adapted to the needs of attorneys of various levels of experience, and based on the complexity of the case. We can help you become fully trained in use of the technology so that when the time comes for a trial or hearing, you’ll be confident and ready.
Not at all. Some trial technology programs are well suited to very small offices or solo practitioners.
We can assist you in finding a variety of solutions for your technology needs. They range from desktop based technology to programs you can run on a tablet using your finger to point to and display documents.

We often train attorneys using Visionary Legal Technologies software (called “Visionary”), and we are certified in its use. With Visionary, you completely manage all aspects of trial preparation and presentation — from the inception of your case, through discovery, motions practice and pretrial mediation and trial. You can:

  • Manage document discovery, including Bates stamping documents
  • Link transcripts to issues in the case
  • Edit video depositions and remove objections from transcripts
  • Create fact databases and transcript summaries for use in preparing summary judgment motions
  • Prepare presentations of evidence for your client or a mediator or arbitrator
  • Annotate documents in front of the jury
  • Create video clips which will allow the jury to see not only the deponent, but, at the same time, the document the deponent is testifying about — complete with scrolling deposition text
  • Maintain a list of objections to evidence and keep track of admitted evidence
  • Add exhibit stickers to evidence digitally
  • Present jury instructions

Visionary can be operated by one person, or by a team. You can integrate the technology and allow multiple attorneys and legal assistants work on any case simultaneously. Its a completely flexible software package that comes with great customer support. Learn more about Visionary by watching this video presentation by the creators of Visionary.


Like any new technology, there is always a certain learning curve. But, you’ll find that within an hour or two, you can access and learn how to use a variety of valuable features.

Often, people will come to us on the eve of a trial seeing to implement trial technology. We don’t recommend breaking in new technology the week of trial. Instead, we suggest that you acquire the technology at a time when you have the opportunity to practice with it — before the pressure of a trial takes hold.

As you become more adept at using the technology, you will find additional and creative ways to leverage this powerful presentation tool.

Not necessarily. Of course, there is some expense associated with having a computer or tablets to run it. but you’ll be surprised at how reasonable the cost often is.

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