I offer a variety of trial consulting options for litigators. Each of these approaches is designed to increase your effectiveness in your preparation for trial. They will allow you to work smarter and more efficiently. Most importantly, you’ll deliver more powerful presentations in court and increase your chances of a winning verdict.

These options include:

  • “Trial Doctor” Litigation Consulting – The Winning Litigator can help you “diagnose” and “treat” the challenges presented by a particular case or cases. “Trial Doctor” litigation consulting can take place at any time, including on the eve of or during trial. I often incorporate strategic tools — like jury focus groups and trial preparation and trial presentation software — to enhance your ability to communicate with jurors. I’ll work with you as your partner to fine tune your case and get it back on its feet.
  • Jury Focus Groups and Jury Research – My use of jury focus groups and jury research has enabled me to refine my trial presentation, cut my preparation time, and bring in large verdicts for clients — often in extremely difficult cases.  I have learned how to determine in advance which issues will cause the jurors concern — and how to remedy them.  I can help you maximize your chances for a winning verdict as well, using this powerful litigation tool.

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Have questions about Trial Consulting?

See these FAQs About “Trial Doctor” Consulting.

See these FAQs About Jury Focus Groups and Jury Research.


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