Our client’s expenses in satisfying the demands of a development project far exceeded expectations and continue to increase. This illustration was used, in part, to rebut the suggestion that our client was not acting in good faith to move the project forward.


This was part of a Markman hearing describing how Facebook and third-party vendors handle personal data.


This was part of a Markman hearing and explains the nomenclature of genetic breeding.


This graphic was to introduce the audience to the problem that the client’s patent solved.


This graphic identifies the genetic traces of the client’s patent present in various strains of laboratory mice.


This timeline highlights milestones in the client’s attempt to halt the sale of an infringing product.


This was part of a Markman hearing describing how mice are genetically classified and re-classified.


Multiple pharma patents compete with prior art in the development of a generic equivalent. Prior art has been around for awhile.


Pro bono work can shape history and speak truth to power. In this report, we used tasteful page layout, compelling typography, photography and quotations to paint a stoic picture of a horrific place.


Antagonist meets agonist to create a replica natural ligand.