Late night illuminated football practices by the local university has been keeping everyone in the neighborhood awake until all hours.


A basic illustration of an abnormal blood clot in a human vein.


The essential steps required to produce the client’s consumer pregnancy stick.


This was a graphic periodically updated to mark the progress to convert the Northern Railway railroad track into a bicycle/pedestrian trail. A pro bono project stretching over 10 years and counting.


An enhanced aerial photograph designed to focus attention to the site of the proposed remediation in relation to the surrounding area.


This simple graphic identifies the 4 key steps used by the client in the manufacture of raw materials as well as brief qualifiers within those steps.


Illustration that applying a 30″ vacuum produces a 30″ potential lift


Markman animation: When you increase the number of beams of light flowing through an optic fiber you also increase the number of times a beam is deflected by hitting the walls of the optic fiber. Animation allows user to control the number of beans passing through the fiber.


The point of this graphic is to call attention to a human bowel movement, particularly the consistency of the fecal material.


By calling out key elements within the patent we can contain the discussion around pertinent details of the case.