This was part of a Markman hearing describing various advances in endovenous techniques.


Trail exhibit used to visually represent pain and suffering in a personal injury case

This graphic was used at a mediation along with a number of other illustrations to quantify and describe the damage suffered by a client paralyzed in a golf cart accident. We made a choice to include a photograph of the client looking at the camera to draw in the audience for greater impact (different, similar, stock photo substituted here for confidentiality).


Trial graphic showing the components of an electrical outlet used in an electrocution case

Graphic depicts aspects of a properly grounded outlet, in a case involving a client who received a severe electric shock.


Chart listing golf industry standards used to show breach of duty

This graphic demonstrative chronicles a series of breaches in the standard of care by a golf course, which resulted in an accident in which the client was paralyzed.


Trial exhibit of injury x-rays

The use of X-rays increased the impact of the damages in this case.


trial graphic to demonstrate qualifications of client

In this graphic, the use of an arrow hitting a bulls eye was a metaphor for the outstanding performance by a female sales person who was discriminated and retaliated against by her employer. The use of such metaphors is often very effective in a Closing Argument.


Five Guys infographic showing the process for purchasing a franchise

This graphic illustrates the steps necessary to acquire a franchise. The individual steps were also used as part of a timeline of events.


Five guys organizational chart used in trial

Organizational chart of franchisor, depicting key personnel in the case.